Mom Inner Circle

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Are you forgetting to put your oxygen mask on before assisting others?

There is a reason flight attendants tell you to put on your own Oxygen mask first.

Moms “Just” do a lot
– Childcare
– Education
– House Cleaning
– Meal Planning & Preparation
– Travel/transport
– Logistics
– Emotional & Physical Support & Growth
…of our kids and our partners…

Business Owners “Just” manage
– Hustling
– Marketing
– Product Development
– Quality Control
– Customer Service
– Budgeting, Bookkeeping
– Follow-up

We are a walking example of how to juggle schedules, expectations, and obligations. Right?!

Still, we are tired.
We secretly struggle with:
-expectations (internal & external)
-sleep deprivation
-time management

We are told: “Hang in there, and everything will work out,” “You are just one step away from Success,” “Follow your instincts,” and “Motherhood is natural and everyone goes through it”

yet in family and business We get…
-our hormones are a wreck
-we blame ourselves for the disappointment of others

We view ourselves as “just the mom” &/or “just the business owner”

As a mother of five, and a woman who has owned 5 different businesses, I have been there.

We, as moms, love our kids more than life itself.

We want to give them the very best of everything we possibly can…

We desperately want to grow our businesses because we both love our families, and we had a vision and passion for what we started in our business, our business is often like another child we birthed. We want to nurture and grow all of them.

How can we do that when yet we starve ourselves…
… trying to keep up this ever-giving role.

Forgetting, that without replenishing ourselves, we are robbing our children of our best, and limiting our business growth.

The Mom Inner Circle is where moms:
improve their Quality of Thinking
remember their Value
-regain their Identity
-get Organized & get Moving
-learn to More Effectively Communicate & Build
-Grow Themse
lves (impacting their family and their business)

This is Not a “support group” focused on surviving.

This is an Inner Circle focused on Empowering Transformation to Improve…
-Homelife & Business Life
-Mental Health & Balance
-Children’s Behavior
-Spouse/Partner Relationship
…Without Sacrificing Ourselves.

Time Commitment: Weekly Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 9 am (Pacific Time Zone)

Financial Investment: $100 monthly

This is a great option for those interested in Coaching, but not ready to commit to 1:1 Coaching or looking for a lower cost option.

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