Mid-Week Coffee Break

Hello, and welcome!

The Mid-Week Zoom Call is designed for moms all around to come, have a cup of tea or coffee, ask questions and learn more about balancing themselves, conquering their schedules, organizing their homes and finding their inspiration to grow while raising kids…

Let’s face it, life does not come with an instruction manual, and with how fast and often life changes, keeping up is a constant task. Within motherhood alone, one day, after nine months of body changes, you are barely bringing home your brand new baby from the hospital, you blink and they are crawling, blink again and they are toddlers, you cough then they are preschoolers, followed closely by off to kindergarten. Blink blink again then grade school, middle school, and then yikes, you have high schoolers (Teenagers)!!!! And before you can seemingly catch your breath, they are grown up, moving out &/or headed off to college…

All this change PLUS, for some, you are working, or building/running a business, still managing the house, and being a wife and partner (just remembering you are still sexy can be a challenge)… And probably managing all this “Alone”

You are Not Alone! You are valuable, you are brilliant, you are worth it, you are capable, you are all the things you choose to be. Some days you can be a “hot mess” other days you are “Super Mom.” Yes. Somedays you are overwhelmed, and other days you are asking yourself why you ever thought this was hard…

It is for all those reasons that I created this coffee break.
-For the creativity that comes from community.
-For the comradery that comes from listening to others share their stories.
-For the growth that comes from wisdom learned through failure.

I understand how busy we all get so this call is scheduled twice a month, on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 10am to Noon (Pacific Time Zone). I encourage participants to set this time aside, make themselves a cup of tea, or coffee and bring their questions and dilemmas to the call.

This call is a mixture of Coaching and Mentoring with maybe a teaching or two thrown in for fun.

Literally some of my best parenting strategies have come from talking with other women about what has, and has not, worked for them: from nursing, potty training, sleep training, early education, tutoring, sports/dance involvement and extra-curricular activities, preteen and teen interactions, to dating advice, and college applications, and launching them out on their own… Even encouraging spousal/family interactions. Not to mention Home/Work/Life balance, prioritization, delegation, and juggling… And somehow finding self-care time

Women need women.

I am a wife and a mother of five kids, ranging in age from 3 to 23… plus I am a business owner… I guarantee I have experience you can tap into.

This call is a support system to help you think of new ways to create your better life, help your children grow, learn and become the beautiful humans you intend them to be. Think outside the glass box. Break the mold.

Sure, you can tell yourself, “I already read parenting articles, and have joined free online moms’ groups… I don’t need to pay for another one.” And if you are satisficed with the level of advice/thinking you receive in those, I will agree, You should not invest in this. This subscription is for Moms who truly seek top notch improvement for themselves, their businesses and their families. Moms who value themselves above the freebie and mass market of surface-level thinking, that sounds good but gives little change in results.

I am a firm believer in Return On Investment (ROI)

Be that in business, family or self-care… The quality of what I put in (to myself, my business, my children, my life) determines what I get out of whatever I do. Thus I personally invest in Inner Circles and the highest quality training to improve my quality of thinking and thus improve the life I create for myself, my family, and my clients. That is a promise I make to myself and anyone I serve.

Join me today. Click and subscribe today.

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