Sasha Woodruff

Personal Assistant

1st Daughter (Second Child of Five)

To say Sasha is my "right-hand woman" is an understatement. I truly believe every great business needs a "Sasha." From keeping me on track with tasks and scheduling, to tech support, even to being Philip's nanny, Sasha is invaluable to the growth of our business.

Soon, Sasha will be launching her own branch of coaching with her own focus, and I am excited for where she is going to take things.

Kat Woodruff

Visual Art Manager

2nd Daughter (Middle Child of Five)

Kat is all about making things visually appealing. From Photography to digital art, designing logos and painting the art for our books, she is my girl.

Kat also helps with office maintenance and nanny duties for Philip


Office Manager

Kat's Cat

Yosha's main goal and job in the office is to knock things off desks, get in the way, and monitor all office actions for optimal interference.


Teenage Daughter

3rd Daughter (Fourth of Five children)

She is finding her own path through her teenage world currently. She keeps me humble and motivates me to continue to grow and scale this business. For her Privacy, and at the request of my ex-husband, I am not listing her name nor picture here.

Thank you.

Dma Woodruff

Marketing Consultant

1st Son (firstborn of the five children)

Dma has a new-found love and talent for marketing and copy write. He is spreading his entrepreneurial wings in his own ventures and does offer services to clients here.

Philip Schwartzberg

The "Baby"

Ultimate Youngest

Philip is the morning child, the out-going social light of the crew. He brightens the atmosphere with singing, art, conversation and laughter. He is the constant reminder why we do what we do.


Our “small” family business is anything but small. Through our collective vision of unparalleled customer service and extraordinary passion, we are revolutionizing our community- one step at a time.