BE ME – Becoming Empowered Mom Entrepreneurs

Mom: (noun) “one’s mother.”

Jennifer Schwartzberg from “BE ME”

Many people have this Idea of what a Mom Entrepreneur is, and many default to that thinking. However being a mom and an entrepreneur, not even together, are such special and amazing roles that when you do put them together, you sometimes forget that there has to be a balance.

Being a mom, you put your family first, you make sure the children are fed, the pets are groomed, and/or the plants are alive. Too often do you push yourself aside, pushing yourself to the max in order to care for those around you. But eventually, it may take a month, a year, 10 years, but you will eventually burn out. Sadly many mom’s think feeling burned out is a normal state of being, but that shouldn’t be the case. You are important too. You must care for yourself to better care for others. You cannot feed from an empty bowl.

This is just the pdf of the book when it comes out. there is a upsell for a physical copy.

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