Aster had a good life: though the orphaned daughter of the captain of the Aldorian castle guard, she was adopted into the Aldorian royal family when she was fifteen years old, and she was being groomed to be the next great healer of Aldora and advisor to the king. She had proven her worth and made a name for herself even as she was the kingdom’s best-kept secret. She was content. Little did she know everything was about to change. Strangers from the north would upset the delicate balance that was her life – strangers she did not know nor trust, and one that would unlock a secret within her that she had yet to understand. 

In a flash, her life is threatened, her heart bruised, her trust broken, and her calm life turned upside down. She is forced to accept that everything she had known about her past is false. She must leave the only home she has known, the family she loves, and the people she serves, to undertake a perilous journey and fulfill a destiny she never asked for or wanted…

As a ranger, Calis was used to being alone, invisible, and underestimated. He liked it that way. He generally avoided the kingdom of Boradin, his sworn enemy, while dealing with his own secret quest to complete before time ran out. Coming to Aldora castle, meeting Princess Aster changed nothing and yet it changed everything: she intrigued him, and stirred his feelings, a dangerous problem, especially for her. The best thing he could do was to leave quickly, and never look back.

Little did he know the truth about This princess, and how she held the key to what he had been searching for…

I'm Jenn.

When my oldest daughter, Sasha, was little, I told her a bedtime story, and each night after the story was told, she would come up with questions about the characters and story. Three years later, that “bedtime story” grew into a 13-chapter novel. I was able to publish it, only to find the published version had typos and not fully edited. Not to mention the original final master digital copy had disappeared.

When I discovered that the publishing was not the final editing, you can only imagine how disappointed and embarrassed I was, and how frustrated I was when the publishing company would not correct any mistake. Here was a story that I wanted to share and have my children read, only to see it riddled with typos and missing whole sections of material. It was so bad that one of my professional editors wanted nothing to do with the acknowledgments for embarrassment. Naturally, I avoided promoting this work or even acknowledging myself as a published author.

Fast forward Years. My daughter, Sasha, has pieced together the book again for her to read, and while it was still pretty rough, we have been working on getting it better.

I am proud to say, more than 11 years later that I am working on republishing this revised book, with the help of two of my daughters, who love this story.

  • Sasha, as I said, is helping me edit and correct the story, bringing in info that needs to be updated or expanded on.
  • While Kat is helping me with new illustrations for the updated publication. I did do all the illustrations in the original version, yet I am overjoyed she is helping me this time around with a new style and interpertation.

It feels much more meaningful to me to have my daughters be a part of this process.

One of the most powerful things I have learned is that children learn best when you include them in what you are doing. It doesn’t have to be hard, it can be as simple as reading bedtime stories and talking about them when they are young. This allows them and you to form a connection over the many little comments or notes that you collect over reading.

This technique also applies to just about any task, event, or thing I do with my kids. I love getting their perspective and take on “what is happening.”

This new version of “Heal The Lands” is a great way to share your thoughts and read together because it did originate as a bedtime story.

The story is captivating.

As mentioned before, my kids love it, even to the point of my son, Dma, being unable to put it down and ignoring his homework for 3 days; and Sasha reading it to her younger brother, my current 3-year-old, on occasion. They have all been enthralled with the characters, struggles, adventures, trials, and triumphs within the story.

It is not just a fairy tale and princess story, it shows someone’s life and how they made discissions in their situation. This book has been enjoyed by Adults and children alike.

If you REALLY want to read the already published version, with the typos and old illustrations, you can find it on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Heal-Lands-Jenn-Woodruff-ebook/dp/B079J6GP91/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1U79T5EITQ0IZ&keywords=heal+the+lands&qid=1663744571&s=books&sprefix=heal+the+lands%2Cstripbooks%2C177&sr=1-5.

The updated and revised version is already Way Better!!!

In addition to the different illustrations, it also includes..

  • Life Lessons pulled from the story itself, and
  • Questions you can ask to draw out your own unique journey from within the novel.

Over the many years that Sasha has memorized this book, she has brought to me many bits of wisdom, lessons, and questions that surprised me in their relevance to reality, and whatever real-life situation we were facing at the time.

As the author and life/business coach, it has shown me that this book can be used for more than just entertainment.

As a parent, asking questions has made reading the experience of reading this book more meaningful in the quality of my interactions and conversations I have with my children; opening conversations and expanding thinking.

You may find more questions or connections to your reality through this book, and that is great because everyone’s experiences are different.

Along with publishing this version of the book will come the 2 sequels that follow different characters within this story. These are still in the works, and the opportunity to even pre-order those will be available only to those who pre-order this book. Up until now, these sequels have been locked away on my computer, even though many have asked for them.

The girls and I are hoping to publish and have printed versions of Heal the Lands by the end of this year, but there has not been determined an official release date yet.

By signing up below for this Heal the Lands pre-sale, you will get

  • the sneak peek pdf version of what it looks like right now…
  • frequent “encouragement emails” from me and monthly updates on the book and publishing progress….
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all for $30

Whether you want to read for fun or read to share with family or even read to better yourself, this book is great for all three.

This Book is great for:

  • Women
  • Girls
  • Families

Take the time for yourself with a book!

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