Become The CEO in Your Family

Get 7 Strategies to Keep Your Sanity as a Mom.

Hi, I’m Jenn…

A fellow “Busy Mom” who personifies the phrase “if you want something done, ask a busy mom”


  • She puts her life on hold to raise her kids and care for her family
  • She puts herself last to care for everyone else
  • She is virtuous, trustworthy, dependable, organized, put together, and “perfect”
  • She defies time and space while packing and traveling with small children
  • She has all the answers

It is exhausting… and I am here to help you break the cycle of “just a mom” and become a “CEO Mom.”

Let me illustrate… 
“Just a Mom” is an over-stressed, overworked mom (yes, that’s redundant!) run ragged by her home business, unruly children, and unsupportive husband/partner.
She is doing everything she can to squeeze all she does into 24 hours a day: she stays up late working on business stuff that she had to bring home because there wasn’t enough time to do it at the office, and then she is up early dragging her kids to school.
She feels frazzled, lonely, and tired all the time because she feels no one understands what she is going through.
She doesn’t have time to connect with other women in any meaningful way.
Her tiny business is making a small profit, but that is mostly dependent on her putting in the long hours.
Her children are causing trouble at school and in their social environments because they miss their mom, and no matter what afterschool programs, sports, and classes they are enrolled in, they don’t have the outlet they crave.
Her husband/partner is wrapped up with his/her work and believes they are being supportive of the family.
Whether or not she holds a job, she does not feel like her husband/partner sees her as an equal.
She does not feel like her partner understands what she does inside or outside the home.
She thinks, “at least it’s contributing something”, so the family continues, but they are not happy. 

A “CEO Mom” is thriving; growing her business while being supportive of her growing children and maintaining a healthy marriage/partnership.
She understands her value and power and is dedicated to her improvement.
She spends her desired time at the office and has built her business to fit into her life rather than run her life.
Therefore, she has the time to spend with her children and the money to support their ever-expanding interests.
She and her partner make time for each other, at the same time being supportive to both as individuals, respecting and honoring growth, change, and self.
She feels balanced, fulfilled, and excited about life. 

I primarily work with moms who also own businesses: however, These pictures could describe moms in any field, business owners or employees, and even stay-at-home moms. The change starts with a Mindset Shift.

See yourself as the CEO of Your Family, not just your business. 

  • You are willing to take higher risks than average moms because you see the potential Return on Investment in your kids, their happiness, their future, and their success…
  • You are determined to give them whatever you can to help them succeed… This is also why you put in the long hours and extra effort to provide for them.
  • You understand there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to parenting… just like there is no cookie-cutter business strategy that works for everyone.

I have 5 very individual kids… who each require unique methods, while also needing consistency within the family… I need to be their leader, their CEO. 

You are the CEO of your family
… so be the Leader You Want to Follow

I want to share with you 7 simple, yet Powerful Strategies to keep your sanity as a Mom.

7 Strategies to help:
Regain your confidence and self-worth
Get organized and stress less
Improve your home life
Rebuild, and heal yourself & your life after things fall apart
Find your energy, joy, inspiration, balance, and happiness
Be heard and listened to by both your spouse and your children
Teach & grow your children into thriving adults
Strengthen & improve your marriage
Create & achieve your dreams, and inspire & empower your children to do the same

These strategies can be used to succeed with kids
from sleep & potty training to improving their grades & social behavior,
even to launch them as young adults into life…

Without losing or destroying Your Relationship with them

And without hating Yourself, Your Circumstances, Your Family, and Your Life… 

It can be done!

You can have a happy, balanced family!
You can have well-behaved children who you enjoy being around!
You can have an organized household you are proud of!
You can value yourself and be valued by others!

It starts with You… And implementing these strategies into your daily life. 

Sign up today and take that crucial step in owning your inner Mom CEO.

These 7 Strategies have been game changers in my life, and I know they will help you. 

The power is within you. 

The choice is yours.

Who am I and Why should you care….

I am Jennifer Schwartzberg, and yes, most people just call me Jenn or Jennie. 

I found myself a young mother who left her job because it asked me to prioritize work over my infant.

I went on to have 4 children before I was 30. I was a work-from-home mom with home businesses, or stay-at-home mom between entrepreneur ventures, or volunteering while homeschooling my kiddos… 

However, I was haunted by the idea that “being a mom (especially a stay-at-home mom) was the best I could do” meaning I was somehow second class to anyone else who worked outside the home or developed themselves and their skills outside the home. 

Then I was hired by a company because I had homeschooled my 4 kids. The owners of the business saw the value in my organization, planning, attention to detail, communication skills, and problem-solving that I had developed over years of being a mom.

It was a lightbulb moment for me. I started noticing patterns I was already using, between running a business and raising a family. Business principles that could apply to family, and parenting principles that strengthened my business.

I now have 5 children ranging 20 years between oldest and youngest. I have rebuilt my life, my family and my business.

I know firsthand that Motherhood, like business, is often trial by error with the hope that we err less often and less severely than our parents… and that comes with it all the joys and tears, investment and risk, and excitement and fear of being a mom.

I have had a failing business, and a failing marriage… feeling like a failure as a mom while sitting in the hospital holding the hand of my child after she attempted suicide. 

I am a founding member of the Conscious Coaching Academy (which means I hold myself to the highest standards in world-class transformational coaching and I impart that excellence to those I serve)

I have a burning passion for helping you remember your Value, find your Balance, get Organized, develop your Process, Communicate more Effectively, and live your life to the fullest with your family while maintaining your sanity.

Sign up today. You are worth it!

p.s. being a “Mom” doesn’t stop after they move out, go to college, or start their own family… these strategies help no matter the age of your kiddos.

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