Meet The Crew…

Jennifer Schwartzberg
Jenniferschwartzberg @

Life Coach & Mom Entrepreneur

About Jennifer Schwartzberg

Jenn is a mother of 5, not counting any “adopted kids.” She is a CEO & Mom Entrepreneur offering coaching and mentoring services to a global audiance. She was Certified as a life coach through the John Maxwell Team in 2017.
She is a student of Christian Simpson and she is a Founding Member of the Conscious Coaching Academy. She has a Passion for helping Mom business owners balance growing their businesses and family without sacrificing themselves.

Sasha Woodruff

Oldest Daughter & Personal Assistant

About Sasha Woodruff

Most who know us will have heard me say “everyone needs a Sasha” that is because Sasha is the ideal in keeping us all organized and on task. Her “to Do” lists have sub-lists, and her reminders have alarms with all the bells and whistles.

Kat Woodruff

Middle Child & Visual Consultant

About Kat Woodruff

Kat is the visual artist of the crew. She takes charge to make sure everything is looking good and give us snarky comments that make us laugh.

Alyosha Alexander Katavitch

Office Manager

About Alyosha

Yosha is the Office Manager. He likes to know what you are working on at the moment, makes you take breaks from your computer, and loves to say hi on most video calls.

D’Mitri Woodruff

Oldest Son

Anna Woodruff

Youngest Daughter and Resident Diva Pixie

Philip Schwartzberg

Youngest & the Morning Child

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