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Jennifer Schwartzberg

I am a mother of 5, ages 3-23. I am a Mom Entrepreneur, a business owner and a business partner. I offer coaching and mentoring services to Mom Entrepreneurs, and Stay-at-Home Moms looking to drastically improve their results.

I have been in the shoes of the struggling business owner and mom. I have owned a number of small (work from home) businesses that were little more then hobbies as I was a stay-at-home mom homeschooling 4 children. After my divorce I had to re-enter the work force and discovered a passion for helping fellow business owners grow their own businesses. I certified as a life coach through the John Maxwell Team in 2017, and I continue to study with, and receive coaching & mentorship from world class coaches through Christian Simpson and the Conscious Coaching Academy.

Today, having 5 children has been my life and my joy. I have been divorced and remarried. I have watched businesses succeed and crumble; Currently our family owns 4 thriving businesses from coaching to woodworking to instrument repair, to amazon…. so You can imagine how much experience I have being a mom, and also being a small business owner. Both require a great degree of self-discipline, determination, creativity, visionary thinking, negotiation skills, and patience.

I am here to share experience so maybe you can avoid some of the learning curve I had to experience. There is no “one-size-fits-all” set road map for parenting or business. There are, however time-tested principals that have been proved to elevate your personal quality of life and find balance within your family experience, as well as methods that can drastically improve your business.

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