Happy Saturday from Stanbrook Abbey

Today is a rare one for me, but I hope it becomes more usual. I have the privilege of traveling to England for the Conscious Coaching Academy International Summit. I became a founding member of this amazing school because I share the purist value of The Founder of CCA, Christian Simpson. I whole heartedly believe in the transformational power of true coaching and therefore hold myself to the highest standards to be world-class in this field… thus learning my craft from the best, through one of, if not The Most, vigorous programs within coaching accreditation.

Just like my stretch marks from birthing 5 babies, I “earn my stripes” as a coach.

A definite perk though, has to be the location of the summits. If you have never heard of this place, Stanbrook Abbey, look it up. It’s gorgeous. And the people are wonderful. I can’t speak highly enough of the young gentleman who checked me in and the Amazing server who has kept me fed… which in itself is a feet (you know how we mom’s forget to feed ourselves when we don’t have kids around)

This min-vacation (2 days to myself before the summit starts of Monday) is my purposeful Me Time. And it it IMPORTANT… it’s the time when I am allowing my creative side to flourish without the constraints of All the other obligatory things I “have to do” to get in the way. Sleep… yoga… write… laugh… talk… think… meditate… take a long shower… take a walk outside… take a nap…

Seriously, MOM, when was the last time you did that for you? When did you schedule yourself time to do Nothing but whatever you Chose to do? If you can’t remember, it’s time to go do that..

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