M.E. (Mom Entrepreneurs) Master Class

2 Hours that Make All The Difference for Mom Entrepreneurs.

As a woman, wife, mom and business owner I know firsthand how life can be crazy: The family drama, the school and afterschool activities craziness, and the growing pains of having a thriving business that demands more and more time and attention. Do any of these questions frequently keep you up at night?

Are the kids meeting their growth milestones?

Are the kids keeping up on their homework, social networks, and grades?

Did the house chores get accomplished and if not, how am I going to motivate the husband/partner and kids to be more involved?

Or how am I going to get everything done tomorrow that needs to be done?

Is the business heading in the best direction?

Am I staying competitive within the field?

How can I both grow the business without sacrificing my family time?

How can I manage the growing stress?ā€

If you have ever asked yourself these and more questions about your family and business…

1st, please know you are not alone. Every mom and business owner has struggled through these questions and found profound answers.

2nd, I want to assure you that there are real solutions to these questions. You do not need to feel like you are drowning in the sea of responsibility and stress.

3rd, you are worth investing in the time and effort to find solutions to these questions.

I want to invite you to a special 2 hour masterclass to focus on you, as a mom, and as an entrepreneur for $50.

The purpose of this masterclass is to get you started in thinking into your business and family in new ways: Focusing on making connections between your thinking and your outcomes. Giving you the ability to make changes consciously and purposefully with intention, as well as, find a balance between your expectation and reality, your family and business, and your work and play.

I urge you to sign up today for this powerful 2 hours.

The investment will Never be Lower and the stakes will Only Get Higher.

I guarantee that you will not regret being a part of this seminar. The life changing principles shared will impact the way you think and approach yourself, your family and your business for the better.

Invest In You, and See What You are Capable of

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