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Hey, Mom Entrepreneur…

Are you Successfully Running Your Business, or Does it feel like Your Business Running You?

How many of these statements resonate with you?

You feel like life and business are just a giant hamster wheel and you are barely keeping up

You are frustrated over the direction your business is headed

You miss having time for friends, family, and wellness

You dread heading into the office

You lose sleep over work stress

Take back your life, Break Free from the Chains of the Endless List of Oppressive Expectations, and Unlock your potential Business, Family, and Personal Growth.

Rediscover your Joy and Balance. Get back in the Drivers Seat.

My name is Jennifer Schwartzberg, you can call me Jenn. I am a fellow Mom Entrepreneur with 5 kids and a passion for helping other Mom Entrepreneurs take back their lives, and accelerate their business growth while finding their balance. From raising toddlers, teenagers and young adults to building multi-stage business plans, I have done it, and so can you. Whether you are stepping out of the shadow of being a housewife, or building a business to support your family, I have been there. It’s not easy. It is lonely. It can be done, and it can get better… it starts with you.

Jenn Schwartzberg

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Happy Saturday from Stanbrook Abbey

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Busy Bee

I have always been a “busy” person. I rarely find memories in my past where I have not had something going on. Even my restful moments were spent “doing something.” (like knitting, reading, gardening, talking with friends) I am sure most, if not every, Mom Entrepreneur can relate to that statement. I have to care […]

Where Do I Start?

I cannot tell you how many times as a mom, and entrepreneur, even just as a basic human, I have asked myself this question. Where do I start? Whether looking at cleaning a messy room, looking at the kids’ homework, looking at cooking dinner, looking at growing my business or looking at improving my marriage […]